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Savour Cowichan Festival

We invite you to be a vendor in this year’s Savour Cowichan Festival, an event that has become synonymous with showcasing Cowichan’s artisanal food and drink industries. Show off your wonderful products to crowds of hundreds in these one night only events.

Now in its third year, Savour will be focusing on two marquee events; Barge On In and Octoberfest. Each event has a different audience. An extensive market outreach program will give you maximum saturation for each particular audience. Savour Cowichan is an opportunity to break bread with the world and  show off what we should all be very proud of, so please join us!

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Vendor Registration

 Great input was received at our interactive workshop on August 2.
We welcome your input into the regional brand refresh project, new website development and market profiling. Next we will be launching a web portal where stakeholders can post their ideas, feedback and ideas about the brand. Watch for our announcement of the launch date!
Tourism Cowichan is pleased to provide information on research, marketing initiatives, and other resources of benefit to our stakeholders.

Stakeholder Benefits

Are you a tourism or hospitality related business or organization operating in the Cowichan Region? Do you have an interest in the success of Cowichan as a tourism destination? If so, register for FREE as a stakeholder of Tourism Cowichan.  By doing so, you access a wide range of benefits that can help grow your business.

Tourism Cowichan Registered Stakeholders:

  • Are eligible to participate in Destination British Columbia co-operative programs
  • Are eligible to participate in Tourism Cowichan co-operative marketing programs
  • Receive increased exposure to travel trade and media
  • Have increased opportunity for participating in cooperative initiatives with Tourism Vancouver Island and Tourism Victoria
  • Are listed on the Tourism Cowichan website
  • Receive special rates and considerations for advertising and promotion (including collateral, website and social media)
  • Have greater access to professional development and networking opportunities
  • Will receive regular communications about marketing opportunities and industry news
  • Voting Stakeholders are eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors  as well as committees for of Tourism Cowichan Society
  • Voting Stakeholders can vote in any regular, annual or special meeting of the Tourism Cowichan Society. This means you will be able to have your say in shaping policy for Tourism Cowichan.

Please print and complete this form to register as a stakeholder. It can be scanned and emailed to, mailed to 372 Coronation Ave, Duncan BC, V9L 2T3, or call 250-510-5586 for pick up.

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Cowichan Visitor Profile

VES14 Cowichan Wordcloud Enjoyable

Visitors were asked to share the most enjoyable part of their trip to Cowichan. These are their responses.


Tourism Cowichan, in partnership with Vancouver Island University and The Sociable Scientists Inc., conducts a survey to measure tourism activity in the region from June to October. The project collects valuable data including where our visitors are coming from, how long they are staying, and their spending habits. The survey also gauges levels of satisfaction of regional tourism products.

2014 Cowichan Visitor Profile

2015 Cowichan Visitor Profile

Copies will be provided upon request.  The information the surveys contain will provide tourism businesses and other stakeholders with insights into the motivations and behaviours of our visitors which can assist with all levels of decision-making. Please contact our office at 250-510-5586 if you would like the ‘Visitor Profile’ emailed to you.

 2010 – 2015 Tourism Plan

The goals and objectives of Tourism Cowichan were developed in conjunction with regional tourism stakeholders.

Read the Plan here.