In the quaint fishing village of Cowichan Bay, The Oceanfront Suites offers accommodation that would work for some people with disabilities.

The hotel is situated on the southern edge of the town and has a covered entrance, which is helpful if it’s raining. Automatic sliding doors lead into the large, welcoming lobby, which is wheelchair friendly. Beyond the lobby is a lovely seating area with a cozy fireplace and stunning visuals of the scenic bay. Outside there is a soft gravel path which runs along the front of the hotel, which didn’t work for my scooter but it did for my friend who uses a walker.

When it comes to “accessible“ suites, it’s best to call the hotel ahead and explain your particular needs as there are three rooms with various modifications that could work for your particular situation. For myself, as a mobility scooter user, the bathrooms would not have worked for various reasons, such as the absence of a roll in shower and a lack of space to maneuver. The kitchen portion of the suite comes well equipped but is not specifically designed for wheelchair access. The bedroom has a king sized bed. Again, best to call the friendly staff at the front desk to confirm suite particulars if required to make your stay comfortable. A toilet seat riser and a shower chair are available upon request.

The hotel is famous for the California sea lions that love to loaf on the nearby floating breakwater at certain times of the year. Another top reason for visiting is the Cook and Butcher Restaurant by Cow Café, which consistently serves delicious meals (plus award-winning Caesar drinks) overlooking the stunning view. All in all, the Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay make for a relaxing destination to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

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