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Explore the Hand of Man Museum – Eat Stay Play Cowichan

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After a lifetime of exploration, Jim Shockey has brought together an impressive collection of artifacts from around the world. As an award-winning writer, photographer, videographer, conservationist, and wilderness guide for almost 30 years, Shockey has explored the far and remote areas of the world. Now, he has brought his lifetime of travels and collecting to the new Hand of Man Museum located in Maple Bay. 

Open 365 days per year, the Hand of Man is a 15,000 square foot Museum of Natural History, Cultural Arts and Conservation. Each room offers a unique display of cultural and natural artifacts from Shockey’s travels. With artifacts ranging from a 16-foot Woolly Mammoth, books that are over 500 years old, to handcrafted artifacts from around the world, this broad collection will pique the curiosity of visitors young and old. 

Guided by interactive iPads, guests can tour through the facility and learn from videos about each display. The museum is designed to transport visitors through the Hand of Man’s incredible world of discovery, education and conservation. 

 A visit to the Hand of Man Museum is a perfect addition to your Eat Stay Play travels. Entrance is by donation with a suggested donation of $10.00 for children, $15.00 for seniors, and $20.00 for adults. Eat Stay and Play in Cowichan from November 1st– 30th, find more excellent Cowichan getaways and promotions right here.

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