Awesome Family Day

One Day Trip

If you’re up for a family getaway, there’s no better place than Cowichan. The region offers endless experiences that will make for long lasting memories. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

  1. 9:00 am – After a farm-to-table breakfast at the Old Fork Restaurant – located in the Ramada Duncan – your family has a steam train to catch at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan.

  2. 11:00 am – Afterwards, you make your way to the Pacific Northwest Raptors, where you’re dazzled by trained eagles, hawks and falcons that swoop just over your heads.

  3. 12:00 pm – From there, you’re just minutes from the town of Crofton, which has the world’s most beautiful wooden seawalk. If you see otters and seals, don’t be surprised.

  4. 2:00 pm – Later, you head north and arrive in the town of Chemainus, where there’s a great candy shop and the opportunity to stroll the town and view some spectacular murals.

  5. 4:30 pm – A little farther north is the town of Ladysmith, where you discover Transfer Beach, home to a spectacular playground and an amphitheatre. Downtown, you discover a trove of delicious baked treats!

  6. 8:00 pm – In the early evening you pull off the road next to a quiet beach, skip rocks and watch the setting sun’s rays dance among the ripples. Yes, Cowichan is one magical place.

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