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Cowichan Valley – Vancouver Island’s Mountain Bike Playground

“Dense, lush forest, a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the mildest weather in Canada: welcome to the Cowichan Valley. This backdrop provides the setting for one of a select few regions in BC—and Canada—that can boast year-round mountain biking.”

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Favourite Hikes in the Cowichan Valley

“If one were to describe the Cowichan Valley in one sentence for it’s natural offerings I think they would be hard pressed to accomplish it or even succeed. Tall trees, mighty flowing rivers, mountain vistas, craggy cliffs, ocean coastlines and waterfalls are but a few of what would need to be included.”

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Wetting your Whistle: A Guide to all things drink in Cowichan

“Cowichan has long been revered as a Vancouver Island’s culinary destination, especially for craft beverages. If you’re a fan of libations in all forms—fermented, roasted, steeped, corked or bottled—you’ll want to read on.”

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Top things to do in Cowichan

“The weekend we got to explore one of the most hidden gems in our country – Cowichan. We were familiar with Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and never knew about there’s such a beautiful wine region in between. Cowichan also known as Warmland – literally means beautiful fertile soil warmed by the sun.

Here I would love to share my Top 8 experiences in Cowichan Valley and you will know why the food, people and of course the view, everything we experience makes such an amazing journey.

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