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Cultural Explorers are defined by their love of constant travel and continuous opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse themselves in the culture, people and settings of the places they visit.

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Cowichan Valley Soaps  

Lake Cowichan Series, Western Red Cedar: Cowichan Valley Soaps are for those trying to eliminate harsh chemicals from their body routine. They have created unique, nature-inspired and nature-infused, plant-based soaps from annual foraging excursions in the Cowichan Valley. All soaps are palm-free, vegan and great care is taken in sourcing the highest quality plant ingredients.

Wild Coast Perfume

Unisex, 15 ml natural eau de parfum inspired by Vancouver Island’s ancient and mystical Carmanah Valley.  Like the unique fresh and wild fragrances that rise from the greenness of the Carmanah’s rain forest, this completely natural eau de parfum has notes of lemon verbena, cedarwood, jasmine, oud, earthy vanilla bean, fruity bracket funghi and oakmoss.

Organic Fair Chocolate

Mulling Spices and A Trio of holiday-themed, limited edition chocolate: The perfect little collection of holiday treats from Organic Fair in Cobble Hill. All chocolate bars are made with cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic; directly from the farmers at a price that they have set themselves.

Organic Fair’s organic mulling spices are the perfect accompaniment to cold Winter nights spent around the fire or entertaining with good friends. The familiar scent of apple, spices, orange, and vanilla simmering away, sweet and aromatic; what a perfect way to warm up hands and hearts! 

Visit their Farm Store to pick up your own holiday supply!

Judy Hill Gallery

Bear Toque and Mittens (Knit by Howard Seymour of the Cowichan Tribes): Genuine Cowichan knits are made from raw sheep’s wool which contains most of its original lanolin. This makes it water-resistant, much long wearing and superior to industrially processed wool. The wool has natural hues of white, grey and black and is not dyed. Native artists hand-card, spin and knit the wool in a variety of traditional designs.

The bear is the protector of the animal kingdom, with great power and human-like qualities. The bear in Northwest West Coastal native Culture represents strength and humility though motherhood and teaching. It is an important crest associated with family and children. The bear is a respected member of the community Some bears return to the same den for hibernation, for this reason, they are associated to home. Bears winter with their young until they are yearlings, so they have a strong sense of family, A Mother bear will always fiercely fight to protect her young, she can also be gentle and quiet. Bears are depicted with a short snout, short ears, small tail, and sometimes a hanging tongue.

Westholme Tea

Tin of Masala Chai:‘Masala’ refers to the mix of spices and ‘Chai’ simply means tea. We went through several spice combinations before we settled on this recipe. This is as close as you can get to buying a steaming cup of freshly made chai from a chai wallah in India. It cooks well. It steeps well. It tastes of India. The exotic fragrance of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon combine perfectly in this black tea base. Enjoy it cooked with your personal choice of milk and honey to taste.

Deerholme Farm

The Deerholme Mushroom Book: Expand your culinary knowledge of wild and cultivated mushrooms with this comprehensive cookbook by award-winning writer and chef Bill Jones. Learn from an acknowledged expert in the field of wild foods how to source mushrooms through foraging, shopping, and growing, and get a thorough overview of the common types of wild and cultivated fungi. Gain insight into the medicinal and cultural uses of mushrooms, and reap the health benefits of simple, unprocessed food.

Pottery by Peggy

Hummingbird Mug: Most folks begin their day with a great cup of coffee. There’s nothing like savouring that early morning ritual with a unique, handmade mug that fits your hand and temperament perfectly.

Avoid the stress of holiday shopping with an overnight trip to Cowichan. Explore the region’s quaint shopping areas in Cowichan Bay, Duncan, Chemainus and Ladysmith before hunkering down for a night or two in one of Cowichan’s many unique B&Bs.

Take some time to explore the region’s culture and history, with stops at the BC Forest Discovery Centre, local museums and art galleries.

Before dinner, stop in at a local winery, cidery or distillery for a taste of Cowichan’s “terroir”.

We wish you the best for the season!

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