Uncover honest food and take a seat at our table

A mild, Mediterranean-like climate and an abundance of fertile land are just two of the factors that have helped Cowichan become what renowned foodie James Barber dubs – “Canada’s Provence”.

Our region is home to a wealth of places that put food on the table, but more than that, foster a connection between those eating and our chefs, growers, and producers.

Eat & Drink

Gather around our tables to experience authentic food and drink from real people.


Experience Cowichan’s 13 world-class wineries. 

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Cheers to beers! Choose from sours, ales, lagers and seasonal brews.

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Simple and sophisticated sips – vodka, gin, rums and more.  

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Wander the orchards and enjoy a glass of something original or unexpected. 

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Gifted farmers and chefs- so bring your appetite! 

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Cafes & Bakeries 

Sweet, savoury and delicious goodies made with heart. 

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Artisan Producers

Handcrafted and authentic goods.

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Food Trucks

Unique dishes that celebrates international flavours.

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Along with the authentic Indigenous culture Cowichan offers, check out what other quirky and unexpected things there are.

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