Free Spirit Gift Basket Giveaway!

Free Spirits are highly social and open-minded. Their enthusiasm for life extends to their outlook on travel. Experimental and adventurous, they indulge in high-end experiences that are shared with others. Find your travel type here: Shanti Chai & Co Shanti Chai – Authentic Chai Blend: Made from well-sourced organic spices and organic gunpowder-style Assam … Continued

Authentic Experiencer Basket Giveaway!

Authentic Experiencers are typically understated travellers looking for authentic, tangible engagement with destinations they seek, with a particular interest in understanding the history of the places they visit. Find your travel type here: Beaver House Fudge Holiday Tin With Special Edition Flavoured Fudge: Beaver House Fudge is a melt in your mouth, decadent treat, … Continued

Cultural Explorers Basket Giveaway!

Cultural Explorers are defined by their love of constant travel and continuous opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse themselves in the culture, people and settings of the places they visit. Find your travel type here: Cowichan Valley Soaps   Lake Cowichan Series, Western Red Cedar: Cowichan Valley Soaps are for those trying to eliminate harsh chemicals … Continued

10 Ways to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright In Cowichan

Here in Cowichan, the weather outside really isn’t that frightful, which gives you ample opportunity to get your holiday shopping done and maybe even treat yourself to a mini pre-Christmas getaway. From sensational experiences to fabulous shopping, Christmas truly is made in Cowichan. Check out these 10 ways to experience the best of our season. … Continued

7 Things You Can Only Do In Cowichan

  It is said that when you’re planning a trip to Cowichan, it’s not about deciding what to do here – it’s about deciding what you can’t leave out. While your visit is sure to boast numerous activities and experiences in the distinctive Cowichan style, there are some things that are truly unique to this … Continued

7 Great Picnic Spots in Cowichan

Cover Image By Henhouse Photo Co. Not ready for summer to end? Well, in Cowichan the summertime temperatures stick around long after the leaves begin to change. Cowichan is not just Canada’s only Mediterranean climate, but it also translates to “land warmed by the sun.’’ With this warmer weather, our visitors and locals alike continue to … Continued

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