At one time, Maple Bay was one of only two major points of entry to the Cowichan valley (the village of Cowichan Bay being the other).

Located in a beautiful sheltered spot on the eastern fringes of the Cowichan Region, it became a popular destination for genteel homesteaders in the late 1800s.

Today Maple Bay is a wonderful spot for beach strolls, swimming, sailing, fishing, rowing and scuba diving. There are great dining options here and if you need a place to moor your private yacht (and who doesn’t?) you’ll find yourself in very good hands at the Maple Bay Marina, which also serves as a seaplane depot.

Located just 15 minutes south along Genoa Bay Road is the hamlet of Genoa Bay, named after the Italian hometown of local pioneer and merchant, Giovanni Baptiste Ordano. Once a sawmill town, Genoa Bay is now home to a marina and an outstanding cafe/ restaurant.

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