“Stocking Creek Falls” located in Stocking Creek Park, which is situated just north of Chemainus near the seaside hamlet of Saltair.

The falls are just one of the many things you’ll see in this 10 hectare park.

The park features manicured trails that follow much of the creek’s path. In places where there are changes in elevation, stairs with handrails exist. Along the way, you can see a variety of tree species plus red huckleberry, Oregon grape, salal and salmonberry, among other plants.

If you’re lucky, you might catch sight of an owl or two silently perched on a maple tree branch.

Other local residents include deer, eagles and herons. Bisecting the park is a section of the The Cowichan Valley Trail. The segment in Stocking Creek Park connects Chemainus to the south and Ladysmith to the north. There are two entrances to Stocking Creek Park, both of which can be approached from Chemainus Road:

From Thicke Road to the south: 48.952399º -123.767883º
From Gait Road to the north: 48.966354º -123.778101º

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