Kahuna Burger

Crafting Hawaiian inspired premium burgers on beautiful Vancouver Island.


Aloha Foods Canada was born out of a love and passion for the Hawaiian Islands, its concept of Ohana—meaning family, and a love for Hawaiian food. We feel there is a rhythm brought to life through a connection with the earth and water that is forged when living on an island. We strive to help spread that positive, life-affirming energy by making our customers excited to experience our food, our service, and our love of family on beautiful Vancouver Island. Here, the spirit of Aloha is alive and thriving!

At Kahuna Burger, we feature a take-away menu with no hard plating, using compostable materials and renewable resource utensils. For the cooler months we have limited indoor seating and during warmer days we have large outdoor patio area with lots of bright and colourful seating available in our charming courtyard. Mahalo, and we can’t wait to see you!

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