Nielsen’s Honey

Nielsen’s Honey has been keeping bees for over 20 years in the Cowichan Valley.


Nielsen’s Honey, locally operated by Jesper and Liz Nielsen, is a small family-run business. Located in the Cowichan Valley for over 20 years, Nielsen’s Honey strives to provide you with the purest honey from our approximately 50 hives. Our honey is raw (unpasteurized) and unfiltered from happy, healthy honeybees. We only sell honey that we have personally harvested from our own hives so that you can be certain it is a truly local product.

From the honeycomb to your kitchen, Nielsen’s Honey is perfect for adding to tea, smoothies, baking, or just licking right off the spoon! Look for Nielsen’s Honey through Cowichan Milk Company, farmers markets, or order through Facebook.

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