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Rarely do visitors ask: “What can we do in Cowichan?” More often, the question is: “What can’t we leave out?” Explore, and you may want to book a longer stay.

Indoor Activities

 A mix of unexpected and original – there are many indoor activities to do on a rainy day in Cowichan.

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Arts, Culture & Heritage

There’s abundant inspiration to be found in our long history of culture, history, and art. Visit home studios, art galleries, museums, as well as the largest collection of totem poles handcrafted by Indigenous carvers.

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Outdoor Adventures

There are a plethora of outdoor adventures in Cowichan – hike or bike a beautiful trail. Or to cool off in the summertime, take your pick of endless water activities. 

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Whether it’s a beautiful or quirky piece from a talented Cowichan artisan or a tasty takeaway – there is something for everyone.

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Wine Tours & Tastings 

Cowichan is the perfect setting for a myriad of exquisite wineries, cideries, breweries and distilleries. 

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Farms & Farmstands

Fresh from the farm – Cowichan offers a diverse range of agricultural products thanks to our passionate farmers and mild climate. 

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Health &


Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating practices of our knowledgeable health and wellness proprietors.

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Along with the authentic Indigenous culture Cowichan offers, check out what other quirky and unexpected things there are.  

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