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Cowichan Arts Series: Wroughtenart

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Travis Rankin has been creating with metal for twenty years. Growing up in the Cowichan Valley, his passion as a metalworker began early on as he recognized his aptitude for working with metal in middle school, and took advantage of the focused trades program in high school, becoming a teachers’ aid before graduation. After spending several years building high-end cars in Vancouver, he returned to Cowichan.

Now, Travis is the creative mind behind Wroughtenart, a custom metalworking company that creates large-scale, functional pieces for the home; everything from gates to railings, fireplaces, and wall art. Working mostly on custom, commissioned pieces, Travis and his team create unique, west coast-inspired designs for indoor and outdoor use.

From trucks to hot rods, Travis’ background in both industrial and fine metalwork have laid the foundation for Wroughtenart, which focuses more on his artistic style. A practical approach to functional art, his goal is to showcase the beauty of metal and incorporate these materials into everyday life.

Pulling inspiration from the sacred geometry of nature and the expressive wilderness of the Cowichan Valley, Travis creates his designs in a way that emphasizes balance and natural beauty. This is a common theme in Cowichan, with many new homes and building developments incorporating elements of the environment so that man-made structures flow seamlessly with their surroundings. Travis’ team takes this idea one step further, using natural materials and inspired designs to craft intricate pieces that feature images of native trees and wildlife.

For more information on Wroughtenart, visit their website or book an appointment.


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