We all know that Cowichan is a unique and amazing place. The purpose of the Tourism Cowichan Society is to promote the desirability of our region to potential visitors by telling the story of Cowichan in a way that taps into the essence of the area. What better way to do that than through the experiences of the people who know the region best: our residents.

Destination marketing is always most effective when it is industry-driven. We are excited to collect comments and suggestions from stakeholders around our beautiful region. We will be using your input to increase the effectiveness of our destination marketing initiatives. By contributing, you will be helping us assemble the elements we need to create great marketing campaigns, and influencing the future of tourism in Cowichan.

Thank you for being part of Tourism Cowichan!

About Tourism Cowichan Society

Tourism Cowichan Society

The Tourism Cowichan Society (TCS) is a non-profit society delivering destination marketing services to the region. Our primary goal is to build tourism campaigns that benefit all our local businesses.

Vision: Tourism in the Cowichan region is a significant contributor to the region’s economic and social well being, with the region being recognized as a premier destination for leisure getaways and vacations.

Mission: Contribute to increasing the economic and social benefits of a thriving tourism industry through focused, industry driven and professionally managed marketing and promotion of the region into the nearby markets; and supporting the efforts of regional, provincial and national destination marketing.

TCS is active in gathering input and feedback on the current state of tourism through our relationships with our stakeholders, 4VI, Destination British Columbia, the Tourism Industry Association of BC,  and many other supporting organizations. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Tourism Cowichan Society, please reach out to Kenzie Knight at kenzie@tourismcowichan.com


Are you a tourism or hospitality focused business or organization operating in the Cowichan Region? Join the Tourism Cowichan Society in showcasing Cowichan as a destination for leisure travelers. By joining you gain access to our wide range of benefits and advertising opportunities that can help grow your business. 

Marketing Tools and Resources

Share Your Cowichan Places and Stories

Cowichan. Why do you love it?

Effective content for a successful destination involves tourists and local residents proudly promoting a destination in a natural, authentic voice. Do you have a story that you like to tell when people ask you what you love about Cowichan? Is there a place, an event or a person that you feel sums up the uniqueness of our region? Maybe it’s a shop, a beach, a hike, a festival, a farm, an artist, a gathering place or a silent forest clearing. Have a story you’d like to share? Please email Kenzie Knight at kenzie@tourismcowichan.com

Resources, Information and Marketing tools

Tourism Cowichan is pleased to provide information on research, marketing initiatives, and other resources of benefit to our stakeholders. TCS actively works with stakeholders, partners and the community to shape the future of sustainable tourism, the tourism economy in our region, and to deliver our brand promise to each and every visitor. Our core responsibility is to showcase the activities and amenities that are integral to our brand.

Tourism cowichan brand guidelines

DBC Content Hub

The BC Content Hub is a portal to Destination British Columbia’s digital asset management system (DAM). Available assets from Destination BC and our partners can be found here and used to promote tourism in British Columbia. Find out more about how you can use these assets to market your business in Cowichan.

Cowichan in the media

As more and more visitors are discovering Cowichan, we are pleased to share the resulting stories. Please click here to read, and enjoy!

2024 Events & Festivals FUnd

The Events & Festivals Fund invests in the creation and enhancement of events and festivals that attract visitors to the Cowichan Region and improves the region’s competitive appeal as a preferred multi-night destination on Vancouver Island.

Tourism Cowichan is now accepting applications for the 2024 Events & Festivals Fund. For events taking place before August 31, 2024, application submissions must be received by January 15, 2024 at 11:59pm (PST) to be eligible for funding. A second intake for events taking place between September 1–December 31, 2024 will open in April 2024.

Please read through the Program Guidelines in detail prior to submitting your application. Tourism-related businesses, non-profit organizations, and Indigenous organizations in the Cowichan Region are encouraged to apply. Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail to kenzie@tourismcowichan.com

2024 Events & Festivals Fund Program Guidelines (PDF)

2024 Events & Festivals Fund Application (Fillable PDF)

This program is funded through the Municipal & Regional District Tax (MRDT) revenues from the Cowichan Region’s tourism sector. The $100,000 fund will be available on an annual basis and is designed to fund out-of-region marketing activities for festival and event organizers to:

Applicants may apply to receive a maximum funding contribution of $10,000.

If you have any questions about the Events & Festivals Fund, please contact: Kenzie Knight, Tourism Development Specialist at kenzie@tourismcowichan.com or (250) 667-8558.

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