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Cowichan Delivers: 8 Cowichan Products to Order Online

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Covid has gotten everyone to stay home, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t yearning for travel. Luckily the Cowichan Region is home to various artisans who can deliver a piece of Cowichan right to your door. Here are eight Cowichan artisans you can shop online.

Located in Cowichan Bay, Wild Coast Perfumery captures the natural essence of the west coast and the Cowichan Region. These all-natural scents are inspired by the local landscapes and are crafted from plant-based essential oils and wild-harvested tinctures. Bring the west coast fragrance of Cowichan to your home anywhere in the world. Wild Coast Perfumery has crafted an array of scents to choose from, but to bring home that Cowichan essence we suggest Carmanah eau de parfum and the Cowichan Rose eau de parfum.

Wild Coast Perfume

Fat Chili Farm is a family-owned farm that is famous for its hot sauces. They’re usually found at the Duncan Farmers Market on Saturdays. Still, you can also find them online from the comfort of your own home.

Fat Chili Farm grows over 1,000 chili plants in their greenhouse in Cowichan. These chilis are creatively infused in their sauces to give them an unforgettable flavour. From a delightful blueberry sauce to an extreme reaper hot sauce, there’s a large selection of sauces to choose from. But the classic Fat Chili Farm sauce is the ‘Wizard’s Choice’ — a cumin and honey-based habanero sauce that will add some spice to your kitchen.

Averill Creek Vineyard is located on the slopes of Mount Prevost and offers beautiful views overlooking the valley and Duncan. Their estate-grown wines are the perfect way to get a taste of the region. Try their world-class Pinot Noir or a bottle of the Charme de l’Ile — the island’s own sparkling wine. Averill Creek has a six-bottle minimum for online orders, which means you can stock up on your favourites or try something new!

Averill Creek Vineyard Patio

credit Jan Broadland

Using mostly Big Leaf Maple and Arbutus from Vancouver Island, Ken Broadland of Heartwood Studios has been turning wood into beautiful creations for almost 30 years. The woodturning process is a long one as it can take months to go from finding the right piece of wood to expertly crafting items such as bowls, plates, utensils, cutting boards and a variety of decorative pieces. Each item is uniquely crafted and displays a different wood grain pattern making no two spoons the same. 

Although the studio is currently closed to visitors, you can find Heartwood Studios work in many stores throughout Vancouver Island. Or, if you’re ordering from further afield, you can email Ken directly to get items shipped from the Island right to your door.

Good Bite Bars are a delicious and nutritious piece of Cowichan. These locally made snack bars and bites are pumped full of flavour from healthy ingredients. With flavours like Blueberry Lemon, Chocolate Coconut, and Chocolate Cherry, there’s a delicious treat for everyone — including vegan options. 

Not only are these snacks good for you, but they’re also good for the community. Good Bite Bars donates their bars and bites to a local elementary school to help kids learn on a full belly. These are tasty Cowichan treats that you can feel good about ordering to your home.

A hot cup of tea can make a moment, solve a problem, set a mood, or finish a meal. The aromatic teas from Shanti Chai & Co are lovingly crafted to fit any mood or moment. Their flagship ‘Original Chai Blend’ brings earthy cinnamon, bright green cardamom pods, spicy peppercorns and other aromatic spices paired with various Assam teas to create the perfectly blended cup of chai.

From the robust and malty Original Chai to a full line of specialty chai and various herbal blends, there’s a cup for everyone.

Ampersand Distilling

Spirit lovers rejoice! You can order Ampersand Distilling’s products online. 

Ampersand takes craft distilling to a higher level by using on-site spring water and 100% BC grown wheat to create their award-winning Per Se Vodka and Gin. These spirits are so crisp and fresh; it will feel like you’re tasting gin and vodka for the first time.

Their handcrafted spirits start with their on-site spring water, are distilled in their uniquely designed stills, and finished with hand stuck labels. This family affair puts their hearts into each bottle, and the result is beautifully crafted spirits that will change the way you think about cocktails.

Chocolates, spices, oils and syrups — everything you need to bring flavour into your life you can find at Organic Fair. Their products are GMO-free, gluten-free, certified organic, vegan and only use ingredients that are fair or direct trade.

Whether it’s with organic chocolate, flavourful rubs or unique soda syrups (like Rose Cardamom or Lavender Lemonbalm Lemonade), this is a great way to add some flavour to your life. Of course, if you’re looking for something with the taste of Cowichan, we recommend the Cow Bay Organic Seafood Spice.

Organic Fair

Find out more about home delivery from and pick up at Cowichan’s eateries and restaurants here.

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