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Nielsen’s Honey: A Sweet Cowichan Staple

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The charming community of Cowichan offers a beautiful combination of bucolic West Coast scenery, paired with a unique collection of small, locally run family businesses. Nielsen’s Honey happens to be one of those businesses. Here, the Nielsen family raise honeybees, which serves a two-fold process: offering a delicious product to Cowichan locals and tourists while also doing the important task of supporting the local honeybee populations.

Where it all started

This small family-run business was founded by passionate beekeepers whose business model is based on producing ethical products. Jesper and Liz Nielsen first got their taste for the hive life when they began keeping bees in Denmark in the mid-90s. In 1998, they returned to Vancouver Island where their business took shape. For the last 2+ decades, they continue to provide high-quality honey to their customers.

The importance of shopping local

“Shopping local is the most environmental thing I can think of,” says Liz. Buying local honey supports local honeybee populations and pollination, something that benefits all of us for generations to come.

While the idea of supporting honeybee populations is enough motivation for some people, it’s also worth noting that when you buy honey from local producers, you find out right from the source if it’s truly raw – and it’s a healthier alternative to pasteurized, super-filtered supermarket honey that does not have the same nutritional benefits.

The spirit of Cowichan

Anyone who has spent time in this special valley knows a few things that make this place like no other. Our spectacular weather and mild winter temperatures mean that our growing season is much longer than anywhere else in the province. Everything about the vibrant community in Cowichan inspires people to be passionate about what they do and where they live.

Like many artisans in the Cowichan area, the Nielsen’s Honey business has been inspired by their natural setting. They oversee 50 hives on their property that produce the most delicious honey – perfect for adding to tea, smoothies, baking, or just licking right off the spoon!

Bring Nielsen’s Honey home

Every year Liz and Jesper hope for a delicious harvest of maple honey in the Spring and blackberry in the early Summer, but with farming, it always depends on the weather. When buying, it’s encouraged to stock up, so you always have honey on hand.

This year things look slightly different for Nielsen’s Honey, but you can still bring this sweet treat home!

You can follow the Nielsens on Facebook or Instagram, as they announce once the product is available and can be purchased either from their house or farm stand. Feel free to message them anytime on social media or give them a call or text at 250-701-1741.

Just remember, when you buy honey from a local beekeeper, you are not only supporting a local business, but you are also supporting the local farms that rely on them to produce food. In our thinking, local food is healthier, tastier, and more sustainable – so keep supporting your local hive.  

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