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Cowichan: Locally Grown; Locally Made

There’s something so magical about Cowichan in the fall! With the warmer temperatures, the deep crimsons and golden yellows seem to hang on a little longer here. Deeper in the valley, the endless hiking and biking trails come alive with lush year-round greenery. Now is the perfect time to discover the locally-grown gems in your … Continued

Cowichan: A Foodie Paradise

Written by Meg Cuthbert A combination of climate and innovation has created an agricultural and craft mecca in Cowichan.  With Canada’s only Mediterranean climate, there seems to be no limit to what can be produced here.  However, it’s not just the land that makes this region a foodie paradise, it’s the passionate people behind the … Continued

Fall into Harvest Season in Cowichan

Fall Into Cowichan As summer draws to a close across Vancouver Island, Cowichan, the “land warmed by the sun”, comes alive with the flavours and colours of fall. Warm autumn sun falls on the orchards, filled with ready-to-pick apples. The vineyards burst with grapes ready to harvest and turn into new batches of award-winning wine. … Continued

The Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Cowichan

Welcome to Cowichan. This photogenic destination features everything from breath-taking scenery to historical landmarks. Whether you’re snapping a selfie on a mountain top or capturing that perfect shot of your beautifully crafted culinary delight, there’s nothing in Cowichan that you won’t want to share with your friends and followers.  Join us as we guide you … Continued

Harvest Towns

September 17, 2019

“With more than 700 farms (and one of B.C.’s largest farmers markets, in Duncan), the place that James Barber called Canada’s Provence is the only region in the country where you’ll find emu, ostrich, and alpaca products, plus everything from nuts and wild mushrooms to tea and heritage-grain bread, all in one valley.” – Right … Continued

Cowichan Uncovered – Farm Markets

The Cowichan region is home to a unique microclimate that gives the area Canada’s highest year-round temperatures. Because of this mild, Mediterranean-like climate, the region can grow a wide variety of agricultural goods, from kiwis to asparagus and everything in between. This collection of farm-fresh food products combined with the plethora of local artisanal goods makes the Cowichan markets a must-see when visiting Vancouver Island.

10 Ways to Experience the Cowichan Harvest

Did you know that there are over 800 farms in Cowichan, which is why harvest is our favourite time of the year.  Our moderate climate allows us to harvest everything from wine to kiwis, to hops and all the vegetables you can imagine. So, this harvest season, whether you’re looking for family activities, intimate dinners … Continued

Cowichan Arts Series: Westholme Tea Farm

Tea Farm and Ceramic Arts 8350 Richards Trail, Duncan, BC V9L 6B2 Vancouver Island is known for growing and producing many fine culinary products; wine, lavender, hazelnuts, apples, and hops, to name a few. Tea is not always at the top of the list, though it could be. The unique microclimate in the Cowichan Valley … Continued

10 Delicious Pairings for Romance

By Meg Cuthbert Life is full of perfect pairings: peanut butter and jam, fresh sheets and sleeping in, road trips and good friends, sunsets and loved ones. Well, in Cowichan, we have hundreds of ways to pair appetizing food with delicious beverages. In honour of the month of love, we’ve matched some of our favourite … Continued

Cowichan Uncovered

Visitors today are on the hunt for new ways to make their travel experiences more rich and personal. Whether visiting for a weekend or staying for an extended period, people want to get deeper into the local culture and have more meaningful exchanges. Tourism Cowichan has made it easier for visitors to the Cowichan by providing … Continued

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