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The Anatomy of a Cowichan Picnic Basket

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From breathtaking views of vineyards and beautiful beaches along the sea, to laid-back lakeside parks, a picnic in Cowichan is one worth sharing. Grab your basket and your blanket and check out the top Cowichan picnic spots.

1. A craft beverage

No picnic is complete without a beverage to complement the moment and flavours, and the Cowichan Valley is known for its abundance of beverage producers. From artisan crafted wines and ciders to kombucha and sodas, it’s easy to pair the perfect flavours with any dish for any occasion. Just be sure to keep the more potent potables for picnics in your backyard or your local campsite. 

Visit to see a full list of craft beverage producers. 

2. Bakery Fresh Bread & Sweet Treats

There’s just nothing like the taste, texture, and smell of a freshly baked bread. Pick up a loaf of focaccia for a simple oil and vinegar dip, or thinly slice a french baguette for the perfect charcuterie experience on-the-go. This is also the perfect opportunity to give into the temptation of those perfectly drenched cinnamon rolls or oh-so-flaky croissants. 

Tip: Craving a little more convenience? Order your favourite dish or a mix of appetizers from a local restaurant and take it to your preferred spot. Just remember that a lot of the packaging from takeout containers is recyclable, so please take it home and dispose where appropriate. 

True Grain Bread in Cowichan Bay

3. Reusable Dinnerware & Cutlery

Reduce your environmental impact by packing things like reusable glassware, plates, jars, and cutting boards for your picnic. Just remember to pack out everything you pack in, especially leftover food items like apple cores and banana peels. Although these are biodegradable, they can also attract wild animals to public areas where it’s not safe for them to be. 

Tip: Add a special flair to your picnic ensemble by incorporating dinnerware, ramekins, and mugs made by artisans. 

4. Local Delicatessen

With the foundation of your picnic in-hand, it’s time to add in the fixin’s. Stop by a farm store or local deli to find artisan cheeses, meats, jams, and jars of toppings to add a mix of flavours to your picnic. 

5. Farm Fresh Fruits & Veggies

It just doesn’t get any fresher than a farmers market! Add some colour to your basket with fresh fruits and produce, straight from the farmers’ field. The renowned Duncan Farmers’ Market runs every Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm. Or, stop by a farm store for locally harvested goods any day of the week. 

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