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Savour Cowichan! September 9 to October 8

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By Meg Cuthbert

As the days shorten and the leaves burn with Autumn, it is harvest season in the Cowichan Valley. This agricultural region produces a bounty of food and beverage products that are manufactured with craft close to heart.

Celebrating food, beverages, art and harvest the Savour Cowichan Festival runs over ten days from Sept 29th – Oct 8th. From tea tastings at Canada’s first tea farm, to a lavish farm-to-table dinner, to experiencing the best of BC cider at the Cider Harvest Festival, and two nights of tasting on a barge in Mill Bay, Savour Cowichan serves up a flavour for everyone.

During Savour events and exhibits are hosted across the region with something happening every day during the ten-day festival. Want to experience the best of the valley in one convenient location? You won’t want to miss Savour’s flagship (or flag barge?) event, Barge On In! Hosted on a floating Barge in Mill Bay, Barge On In brings together the finest craft food and beverage producers in the region. Plus you get to rub elbows with notable Canucks alumni such as Kirk McLean, Dave Babych, Jyrki Lumme and Darcy Rota.

This two-night tasting event raises funds for the Canucks Autism Network to support Cowichan Valley families.

But if you can’t get enough of the Canucks, or hockey, then you’ll want to attend the Shawnigan Lake Hockey Classic! Sign up for the 3-on-3 hockey tournament or join some Canucks alumni for a public skate on September 29th from 2 – 3pm! All proceeds from this event are donated to the Canucks Autism Network.

For wine and cider lovers there are multiple events to check out during Savour’s ten days! Unsworth Vineyards, Averill Creek Vineyard, and Cherry Point Estate Wines are all opening their doors during Savour Cowichan. Or if you’re looking for cider, Merridale is hosting the Cider Harvest Festival, a tasting showcase of the best BC Ciders, on Oct 1st.

If you’re not interested in alcohol but still want to savour the region there’s still lots to do! Get steeped in nature at Westholme Tea Farm’s daily events. Or take in some the region’s visual art. Cowichan is home to world-class artists of all disciplines, from pottery to paintings there are many opportunities to view Cowichan’s finer art.

Savour, in definition is all about experience. Whether it is through taste, smell or vision savouring the moment is what this festival is all about. Maybe you’re savouring Cowichan through a whiff of Wild Coast Perfumes at Barge On In, or experiencing an exclusive event at a Cowichan winery. However you choose to do it, savouring Cowichan is all about slowing down.

Slow down. Savour life.

Get the full details of Savour’s events on the website:

Kiln’n It Pottery Exhibition – Gala Opening Event | Sept 23 – 30

Maple Bay Painters – 2017 Art Show | Sept 29 & 30

Shawnigan Lake Hockey Classic | Sept 29 & 30

Barge On In | Sept 29 & 30

Unsworth Vineyards – Salute to Summer | Sept 29 & 30 and Oct 1

Westholme Tea Farm – Tea + Sweet Pairings at | Sept 29 – Oct 2, 7

Cheers Cowichan Tours – Taste of Cowichan | Sept 29 – Oct 8

Averill Creek – Somenos Series Premium Tasting Flight | Sept 29 – Oct 8

Averill Creek – Photography Exhibit | Sept 29 – Oct 8

Averill Creek – Open Door | Sept 29 – Oct 8

Merridale – Open Doors at Merridale Cidery & Distillery | Sept 29 – Oct 8

Westholme Tea Farm – Tea 101 Introduction to the World | Sept 30

Cherry Point – Annual Wine and Culinary Festival | Sept 30 – Oct 1

Averill Creek – Greatest Hits Tasting Seminar | Oct 1

Merridale – Cider Harvest Festival | Oct 1

Averill Creek – Vines & Wines | Oct 1

Westholme Tea Farm – Tea Garden Tour Experience | Oct 1, 3, 5, 8

Westholme Tea Farm – A Taste of Morocco Cowichan Style | Oct 4

Taste of Chemainus | Oct 4 – 8

WildWings Art Exhibition – Just Jakes Restaurant | Oct 5

Averill Creek – Behind the Scenes | October 5 – 7

Westholme Tea Farm – A Taste of Canada Tea | Oct 6

Lake Cowichan Business Showcase | Oct 7

Farm Table Inn – 1st Annual Savour Dinner | Oct 7

Merridale – Fall Brunch Series | Oct 7 & 8

Averill Creek – Pinot Noir Vertical Tasting Seminar | Oct 7

Merridale – Thanksgiving | Oct 8

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